Lawn & Garden

Scotts / WaterWorks 5/8 x 50 foot Garden Hose

300+PSI flexible all weather

UPC code 078627142328  Labels may differ.


Liquid Fence Wasp And Hornet Killer 13.5 Oz

Eco-friendly, non-toxic aerosol spray that destroys the entire nest.  The powerful spray reaches in excess of 15ft. Pleasant botanical scent, leaves no pesticide residue and is safe to use around kids and pets.


4 Ring 54-in Galvanized Steel Wire Round Tomato Cage

Give your tomatoes and other sprawling Vine and top heavy plants adequate room to flourish while keeping them nicely contained

$2.29 Each

Grow More 5 lbs. All-Purpose 15-30-15 Fertilizer Mix

Formulated for transplanting celery, tomatoes, peppers or other crops requiring high Phosphorus levels during the early stages of crop growth


Lilly Miller Color Blooms Fertilzer, 10 lb.


  • 15-30-15 NPK
  • Promotes growth of bright, abundant blossoms Great for annuals, perennials, roses and other flowering plants
  • Contains quick and slow release plant food



H.B. Smith Tools 3 Piece Pruner Set

  • Bypass lopper with shock absorbing bumper
  • Hedge shears with 8″ blades and tension adjustment dial
  • Bypass pruner with comfort grip


Miracle-Gro Premium Potting Mix – 16 Qt

Grow the best plants possible with Miracle-Gro Potting Mix. This continuous release formula will feed for up to six months and comes in a convenient bag for easy spreading. This special blend features MicroMax nutrients that will produce hearty, vigorous plants with richer more vibrant colors


3 cu. ft. Coloured Cedar Mulch Red, Brown, or Black

100% organic and non toxic Natural cedar, Black, Red, & Brown colored cedar.

Will NOT attract insects.   The “ONLY” product to trust around your house.

$3.99  3 cu. ft. Bag


Regionally formulated from organic materials, the Earthgro 1 cu. ft. Potting Soil is a general-purpose growing medium used to pot and re pot indoor and outdoor container plants.


LitezAll® 1750 Lumen Camping Lantern

Litezall’s, 1750 Lumen Camping Lantern, 5 Modes Of Brightness, It Is Sure To Satisfy All Of Your Lighting Needs, Comes With A Handy Hanging Hook That Is Built In To The Carrying Handle, & Has A Run Time Of Up To 115 Hours.


Vaporizer 50lbs Calcium Cloride Pellet Bag Ice Melt


  • Effective to -25°F
  • The most powerful Ice Melt product on the market
  • Works instantly, long lasting
  • VP-CP50BG



Vaporizer Premium Blend Ice Melt Bag 20 Lb.

  • Low Temperature Performance -15°F
  • Better Value – Cost vs. Coverage
  • Blended with 83% pure Calcium Chloride Flake
  • Calcium and Sodium – Strength and Longevity, with reduced environmental impact
  • VP-PB20BG


All Season High Energy Suet Cakes

Many different varieties.

$1.00 ea.

Starscape LPL-900 Red Green Dots Laser Projection Light w/Remote

  • Intuitive remote control makes it easy to fully customize your lightshow.
  • Select patterns, activate an auto shutoff timer, adjust speeds, freeze sequences and power on/off.
  • Each light comes with three unique mounting solutions.
  • Features a sturdy, premium metallic water-resistant casing to keep your holiday projection lights secure and functioning flawlessly regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Cover surface areas up to 1,200 square when placed 30 feet away while using only a tiny fraction of the electricity, for big holiday light displays without the big cost.


Heavy Duty Contractor Bag With Ties, 42 gal, 20 Count, 3 mil

  • 32″ x 50″ x 3 MIL
  • Cap Gal : 42
  • Count : 20


DeFence Rabbit and Deer 50-Ounce Repellent Pump Sprayer

  • One application of this concentrated, rain-resistent formula goes to work immediately and provides ongoing protection for up to 3 months. Just re-spray as needed for year-round protection.
  • For use on flower gardens, ornamentals and landscaped areas


65 Inch Heavy Duty Grill Cover

Fits grills up to 65-inches wide

Heavy Duty weather proof polyester w/pvc-free backing

Sturdy buckle closures

65″  $11.99

60″    $6.99

3×5 Puerto Rico Nylon Embroidered Star Flag

Puerto Rico Flag. 2 brass grommets for hanging. 4 stitches on the fly end. Double stitched stripes. Made from a heavy duty 2D nylon. Approximately 3 x 5 feet


Miracle-Gro 3/8 in. Dia x 75 ft. or 50 ft. Soaker Water Hose

Miracle-Gro Soaker System is completely customizable to meet all your flower bed, lawn and garden needs. The system is quick and easy to set up; simply cut the hose push on the EZ-Connect System connectors and you’ll be ready to start watering. When filled with water the hose weeps through its pores, soaking the earth and bringing moisture to the roots where it’s needed most. The 75 ft. length is perfect for a larger yard or maintaining delicate landscaped areas and is packaged with five connectors

50 ft.  – $7.99

75 ft. – $9.99

Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix – 16 Qt.


  • Grows Plants Twice as Big! vs unfed plants
  • Feeds up to six months
  • Protects against over- or under-watering
  • Absorbs up to 33% more water than basic potting soil vs potting soil that does not contain sphagnum peat moss, coir and wetting agent
  • Helps beautify potted flowers, indoors and out



Ropel Deer and Rabbit Repellent, 32-Ounce


  • Ropel deer and rabbit repellent
  • Protects plants by forming an odor barrier
  • Use on fruits, vegetables, flowers, vine and nursery plants and shrubs
  • Comes in 32-ounce pack



HBC Lightweight & Durable Poly Snow Shovel


  • Lightweight and ideal for both shoveling and pushing snow
  • 17 poly blade will not scratch your deck, patio or other surfaces
  • Made with high-density poly to withstand cold temperatures



PRIME 80ft. 12/3 Green Extra Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord

  • Ultra Flexible
  • Water resistant
  • Flame Retardant
  • 15A-125V-1875W


Fasguard Open Cuff Safety Gloves

  • Vented fingers for breath ability
  • Elastic wrist for custom fit
  • Open cuff for easy slip on/off


Seymour SV-LR10 Round Point Hardwood Handle Shovel 44″

Provides a combination of balance, grip, comfort and durability. Sized to provide ideal grip.


  • Hardwood handle
  • Front turn step
  • Round point shovel
  • Handle length – 44 in.


Blue Viper Battery Powered Weed Sprayer

Combines ease of use (battery power & ergonomic design) with pinpoint, precise placement

Sprays mist versus soaking spray of typical sprayers, which uses less weed killer – saving money

Uses 4 AA batteries (not included)


10-Piece Gardening Set – WEC10GAR

Includes trowel, transplanter, cultivator, cutter, grass shears, water mister, pruning shears, mini towel and mini rake. Packed in one handy carrying case.


Scotts Company 71140180 Earthgro Top Soil, 40-Pound

  • Earthgro top soil
  • Ideal for filling in holes and leveling low areas
  • Can be used as a soil replacement to build gardens and landscape beds


4 ft. x 50 ft. Orange Barrier Safety Edge Fence

Lightweight and flexible fence that is used for safety at construction sites, ski slopes, etc. It is easy to handle, install, and relocate. U.V. inhibited and resistant to temperature changes.


Camco Artic-Ban Rv Non Toxic Anti- Freeze

  • 1 gal. (3.78 liters)
  • Unscented
  • For trucks, campers, trailers, boats, motor houses and vacation houses
  • Protects down to burst temperature of -50 degrees F
  • Contains propylene glycol
  • Will not harm plastics, copper or steel plumbing
  • Non-toxic


Jobe’s 09726 Organic Fast Start Granular Fertilizer 4-Pound Bag

  • Fast start organic granular fertilizers
  • Fast acting 100 percent organic formulas to meet all gardening needs
  • Increases microorganism activity for healthier, living soils
  • Faster results you can really see from an organic fertilizer


MELNOR Forged Bypass Hand Pruner 83230


  • Forged blades
  • Integrated Blade Lock
  • Cutting Diameter 3/4



MELNOR Bypass Hand Pruner 83210, Yellow


  • Non-stick coated cutting blade
  • Integrated Blade Lock



Seymour SV-LR30 48-Inch Wood Handle Industrial Round Point Shovel


  • For the heaviest duty construction, industrial, and commercial applications
  • Super tough coating on handles repel water better and is more durable in sunlight than conventional lacquers
  • Extended tab 11-Inch sockets on shovel head for extra strength
  • Durable heat treated carbon steel heads with Black paint finish
  • Round point



Sudden Death Wasp & Hornet Killer 15 oz.

Sudden Death Wasp & Hornet Killer is designed to kill wasps, hornets, yellow jackets and eliminate the nests where they live and breed. This product also kills mud daubers, tent caterpillars and scorpions.


  • Kills on contact
  • Kills wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, scorpions, mud daubers and tent caterpillars
  • No oily residue
  • Water based


Heath 3 X 5 American Flag Kit w/6′ White Pole

Original Quality Kit includes: 6′ pole, deluxe quality 3′ x 5′ poly / cotton flag, bracket hardware, ties and an attractive 5″ eagle ornament. American flag is alldyed design with rich colors. For home use to be mounted on window molding, window sill, porch post or railing. Everything included in kit to display your flag with ease. Flag is proudly made in U.S.A. #25117


Scotts Organic Earthgro 71440180 Humus & Manure 40 Lb

Great  for amending the soil in gardens and landscape beds, as manure adds nutrients essential for plant grow, loosens heavy soils, improves moisture retention.


Home Armor 12 oz. Black Premium Flexible Sealer

  • Liquid rubber in a can — the fast, easy way to repair leaks around your home
  • Sprays on to form a flexible seal that’s airtight, waterproof and lasts for years
  • Unaffected by blazing heat while maintaining more flexibility in extreme cold than the leading competitor
  • Won’t drip, sag, chip, crack or peel
  • Bonds to all types of metal, wood, plastic, brick, concrete, PVC and more
  • Paint over to make a beautiful, virtually invisible seal


Leak Ender 2000


  • Repairs leaks quickly and easily
  • Specially formulate rubber compound
  • Fills cracks and separations – creates water tight seal
  • Works on all types of materials



Green Thumb Gallon Deer Repellent

Provides odor & taste barriers to repel animals from browsing & feeding upon landscaped garden areas, flowers, plants & trees. Easy, ready-to-use formula.   SKU # 827883


Ultra-Kill 17.5 oz Ant and Roach Killer

Kills on contact
Keeps killing up to 5 weeks on non-porous surfaces
Kills ants, roaches, spiders and other listed insects